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Lirik Lagu Snoop Dogg - That's My Work

That's My Work
Lirik Lagu Snoop Dogg

That's my work,
That's my, that's my, that's work

See that fly skirt, that's my work,
Little bad bitch met her at the concert,
With da cool bitch doin their dance,
Twerkin their bodies around drop make that ass work then,
I moved in, like a cobra, nigga shut it down, party over,
You can ride this dick, I'm a chauffeur,
I swing big bat, siny celsca,
You a hood rat, but I'm diggin you,
Fuck what you're nigga do, only take a minute too,
Suck on this mutherfucka like you on a interview,
Swag up fresh from the top to the tennis shoe,
Yeah, look at my hoes, pork chops and a bunch a dell tacos,
See my dick, that's the real drug, beat the brakes off a bitch, billy club,
I got a bad bitch (that's my work)
Holdin up traffic (that's my work)
Catch her in the alley way (that's my work)
Do whatever daddy say (that's my work)

Verse 2

Get your ass up and drop it back down,
Turn around,
Pick her up, head her off,
She bring it back, to a real boss,
My bitch, my hoe, my bossay,
Young white bitch fair fossy
Sweat dripppin on her like a faucet,
Just got off the pole 'bout to give me what a boss get
Get anything you give on the floor

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