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How to Eliminate Stains and Spots on Face Dark Natural

How to Eliminate Stains and Spots on Face Dark Natural

The face is the body part that needs special attention in treatment. Some men may not think much about it, but for the women face the outside of the body is important because it relates to the appearance and beauty. How not, a lot of facial disorders that often interfere with performance such as acne, blemishes and dark spots, and wrinkles caused by aging age. All of it is a common disorder that often plagued the face.

Faces classified as sensitive body parts compared to other body parts. The body is quite vulnerable to problematic especially for the privileged teenagers who are going through puberty, so many cosmetic ingredients to maintain the outstanding face in today's general audience with different brands and types. However, these problems would not hurt if addressed with natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits will be revealed here is how to remove dark spots and black spots on the face naturally using herbs fruits and vegetables on the grounds safer and more natural.

White face flushed with no black spots

For those who have problems with spots and black spots here are some tips on how to clean stains and black spots facial uses natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruit the following:
Some ways to clean stains and black spots on face naturally

Eradicate spots and black spots, and softens the skin with sweet orange peel (Citrus Sinensis)
Sweet orange peel can be made concoctions to clean black spots. How: orange peel boiled until boiling and often. Drink this mixture was boiled water peel while warm 1x per day for 3 months. In addition to eliminating the black spots, are also able to soften skin

Eliminate spotting a black stain on the face with the skin of cucumbers
Often sunlight causes stains on the face. To cope can use cucumber skin. The way is rubbed on the skin of the cucumber patches of stain face.

Jugan Cucumber contains silica, a substance collagen to tighten the skin. Simply eating unpeeled cucumbers as vegetables that always tight no slack skin.

Eliminating black spots due to aging age spots using papaya skin
In addition to a nutritious fruit to launch the gastrointestinal tract, the skin turns papaya can be used to whiten age spots aging spots. The trick: just put a papaya fruit leather is still fresh on splotches part because of age.

Besides that, the papaya skin is able to inhibit wrinkles on the skin and also to whiten the black spots again because sunlight

Tighten facial skin with skin peach (Prunus Persica)
The fluid contained in the skin of a peach can clean your pores and tighten the skin thus delaying wrinkles / wrinkles on the face due to aging. The way is rub the inside of the fruit slowly and gently massage anyway. After that, flush with clean water.

Remove stains caused by chicken pox on the face using a banana skin
One of the serious diseases that leave stains d iwajah is chickenpox disease. Fortunately golden banana peels can be used to remove facial scars chickenpox even though removing acne scars. The trick: rub the banana skin on the face, leave for a while to dry, then rinse with clean water. Perform routine up acne scars or chicken pox is really clean and white again.

Good luck and good efficacy and benefit of all or any of the above methods can eliminate stains black spots. Above all the most important ingredients are natural and free from harmful side effects. Remember to remove the black spots or bleach the skin can not be done quickly and instantly. Everything takes time and process. Please apply it regularly to get the best results.

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