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Type of Food to Keep Skin Healthy n Younger

Type of Food to Keep Skin Healthy n Younger

A healthy body needs nutritious food intake. In addition to growth, the nutrients in foods can also strengthen the body's immune system and the skin.

In addition to care from the outside, skin health is also affected by the food consumed. Did you ever try before the skin through food? Consumption of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis will keep the skin protected from premature aging.

Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat dairy products are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin is very good for skin health. If you have thyroid problems or diabetes, you should consume yogurt organics.


Family berries have a high antioxidant capacity. Regular consumption will keep your skin from wrinkling terhidar. Besides skin will look young and healthy.


Skin also needs essential fatty acids. Fat is widely available from marine fish, flaxseed and canola oil. Good fatty acids will affect moisture, the skin will be protected from drought.

Green tea

Drinks with the polyphenol content has anti-inflammatory properties. Beneficial antioxidants in green tea to fight free radicals, especially at an early age.


Water is a good friend to the skin. Dehydration of the body will also affect the health of the skin, the skin will look wilted and scaly. Get used to drink 8 glasses of water a day to get healthy skin.


Green fruit is rich in B vitamins and essential oils. Avocado also has anti inflamsi that serves to relieve the red skin irritation.


Not only fragrant, mangoes also contain vitamin A. The fruit is also used to repair skin cells die. The skin will be radiant and fresh.


Vitamin E can help to hydrate the skin from within. This will help you to avoid premature aging. Almond consumption can also repair skin tissue on the face.

Cottage cheese

Beside rich in calcium, cheese is also good for selenium is an essential mineral for the skin.

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