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Distinctive Flowers Raflesia arnoldi

Distinctive Flowers Raflesia arnoldi

Flowers Raflesia Arnoldi is a giant corpse flower smell that many encounter in the jungle of Sumatra. Arnoldi Rafflesia flower is also known as the flower Rafflesia titan. Arnoldi Rafflesia flower is very different from the usual corpse flower, even though the same smelling carrion. Here are some specific characteristics that distinguish arnoldii Raflesia flowers flowers flowers carcass lain.ciri raflesia arnoldi
Special Feature Rafflesia Flower arnoldii

     Arnoldii Rafflesia flower is a plant endemic to Sumatra and is not found anywhere else
     Flowers Raflesia are obligate parasites of plants on vines (lianas) tetrasigma and stay inside the rope-like roots.
     Rafflesia flower has no roots, stems, and leaves
     Raflesia flowers have 5 petals are usually red heart with light-colored spots
     Size petals bloom time is very large with a diameter between 70-110 cm and height of 50 cm and weighs 11 kg.
     At the base of the barrel-shaped flowers are pollen flowers or buds, depending on the sex of flowers.
     The existence of the pistil and stamens are not in the house to make the percentage of assisted fertilization by insects fly is very small, because it is not necessarily two different flowers grow in the same sex in a place nearby.
     Future growth rate is about 9 months, but the time of blooming flowers rafflesianya only 5-7 days, after which it will wither and die rafflesia.
     Rafflesia flower arnoldi it can not be cultured artificially.

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